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Family History Books

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Treasure a lifetime of precious memories in your very own premium hardcover Heirloom book or PDF Report. Thorough research is carried out on the family history and genealogy of the person.


Heirloom books given as Anniversary or Landmark Birthday presents, make for a truly special gift. Illustrated with photographs of people and places relating to your story, as well as comprehensive maps, it will be something for the family and future generations to treasure for years to come.


We can tailor your Heirloom book to suit your budget.


Includes family tree, time lines and family group charts.




"There is nothing quite like having your family history beautifully laid out in your very own book!  Impress relatives and friends and walk down memory lane on each page."

Family History Reports

A report is a budget friendly option to have your family history recorded. This reports can be given to you:


Digitally: As a high quality, high grade digital vector file, to your email address, ready for printing and any family history project.


Printed: Full colour print manuscript in a quality plastic folder.





Meet Rick

Rick Aindow became fascinated with the study of family history in 1998, when he began investigating his own family heritage.  Discovering his descendants were amongst the legendary Vikings of old and that in 1800′s, his family were responsible for crewing the first lifeboat in Britain, spurred a passion for uncovering the past, and restoring to light the untold and forgotton stories of yesteryear.


Today, Rick enjoys working professionally as personal and family historian. Aside from helping others preserve their life stories, he also lectures at the University of the Third Age Campus and Moreton Bay Libraries.


He also holds active memberships with the

Society of Australian Genealogists and the

Redcliffe and District Family History Group.


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