Allow me to  become your partner in researching your ancestry, helping you learn more about your family story and your family's place in the past.

As an experienced genealogy researcher, I have the knowledge and ability to access sources worldwide, to find documents, records and stories about your ancestors.


You can expect your family history and genealogy research to berespected and given the attention it deserves..

How it Works


Each client is different,  prices on request and on information required.


The best thing to do is request a no obligation, free estimate.



Your story is recorded through a series of interviews, photos and any other relevant documentation you may have or I can source.


This information is compiled into a beautiful hardcover book or report.



Other Services &  Products

Heraldic Coat of Arms

A coat of arms,  provides a beautiful pictorial addition to your family tree.


The only way to be certain of the true origin of your surname is to trace your ancestry back to the first ancestor who took the surname!



Coats of arms are inheritable property, generally descending to male lineal descendants of the original grantee, while the name is part of your family name history, crests are presented in the historical sense and not as a representation that belongs to you, but will add colour to your name history.


All our coats of arms come with an authenticity stamp. This means you can actually check to see which historical book they were taken from


About Personal Historians

About Heraldry

Personal Historians preserve not only life stories, but also the histories of business’s, towns. families, places of worship, organisations & groups; including Veterans groups.

A Personal Historian  helps break down the  task of capturing your life story, into a complete, publishable document.

These documents are presented as heirloom books or reports,  illustrated with photographs and comprehensive maps, preserving your history for your family and for generations to come.

Heraldry concerns itself with the study, design, regulation and use of armorial bearings, commonly known as “coats of arms”


Our fully licensed Heraldic software and can provide Family Coats of Arms including the meaning of symbols and name

histories, including Tartan and Clan Histories from Scotland, Ireland, Canada,



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Meet Rick

Rick Aindow became fascinated with the study of family history in 1998, when he began investigating his own family heritage.  Discovering his descendants were amongst the legendary Vikings of old and that in 1800′s, his family were responsible for crewing the first lifeboat in Britain, spurred a passion for uncovering the past, and restoring to light the untold and forgotton stories of yesteryear.


Today, Rick enjoys working professionally as personal and family historian. Aside from helping others preserve their life stories, he also lectures at the University of the Third Age Campus and Moreton Bay Libraries.


He also holds active memberships with the Society of Australian Genealogists and the

Redcliffe and District Family History Group. Rick runs free lectures on family history research throughout the Moreton Bay Regional Libraries.


To find out when the next one is taking place, contact Rick via email or phone.


Rick is also a volunteer at the Redcliffe Library.


You can study a beginners family history course,

under Ricks tutelage, through the University of the

Third Age , Redcliffe Campus.


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